Trudeau's address to the nation

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Trudeau's address to the nation

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I have read the text of Trudeau's address. He did not disappoint; he made no firm commitment to anything. However, in the 1600 words, he did make one true statement:

"There is a covenant between government and the people government serves. You need to know that you can rely on us, just like you can rely on each other."

Saying the words does not mean that Trudeau understands the significance of the statement or intends to earn our trust. He and his inner circle have proven to be unreliable, corrupt and unethical.

He sounds like someone on trial for the murder of his parents, pleading for mercy as he is an orphan. He has served up a series of preposterous and ridiculous comments without substantial commitment to anything.

Trudeau has not earned a right to carry on carrying on.

His thrown speech (that is not a misspelling) shifted the political landscape. The opposition parties cannot support this government without seeming to encourage Trudeau's chicanery.

Trudeau went on:

The second wave isn't just starting, it's already underway. The numbers are clear.

Back on March 13th, when we went into lockdown, there were 47 new cases of COVID-19. Yesterday alone, we had well over a thousand. We're on the brink of a fall that could be much worse than the spring.

I know this isn't the news that any of us wanted to hear. We can't change today's numbers or even tomorrow's. Those were already decided by what we did or didn't do two weeks ago. But what we can change is where we are in October and into the winter. It's all too likely we won't be gathering for Thanksgiving, but we still have a shot at Christmas.

I might be concerned if our governments had managed the initial actions to limit virus spread responsibly, but they did not and are not.

The vulnerability of people in long-term care facilities was predictable. There were no steps taken to protect these vulnerable people, mostly seniors, and we have 7,100 residents and staff members dead as a result. That is 77% of all COVID deaths.

Contact tracing sounds like a brilliant concept but consists of someone advising people they have been exposed and to self-isolate for 14 days. There is no thought given to compensating for lost pay or inconvenience resulting from having an infected person come near you.

Officials are wringing their hands over new cases in the 20 – 40 age group. When the rules were relaxed, and some venues opened, the weather was excellent. Beaches, restaurants, parks and patios beckoned, young people congregated. Hormones always triumph over common sense. It is not something new.

The 20 – 40 group does not read newspapers or watch TV news. Many are oblivious to the constant barrage of hostile virus news older age groups suffer. No one thought to message the 20 – 40 crowd on the platforms they use. Epic fail.


Job number 1 is keeping people safe. That's why we're signing deals on multiple potential vaccines, on therapeutics, on personal protective equipment. In fact, because we mobilized this spring, Canadians are now producing almost every type of PPE we need.

We have enormous line-ups for virus testing. Why? Testing is a vital component of virus containment, yet we do not have adequate testing facilities or enough laboratory facilities to produce test results quickly. Why not? Ordering hundreds of ventilators and millions of face masks without getting the fundamentals right first is lunacy.

Breathing new life into decades-old dreams like pharmacare is a distraction rather than sound policy. Those promises have been made and broken countless times. We have no track record to indicate Trudeau will follow through. Health care is a provincial jurisdiction. Trudeau will have to work through the premiers to make pharmacare a reality.

Promising daycare for everyone is an impossible undertaking. First, daycare is a provincial jurisdiction. Second, daycare is not equally available. Third, we need to rearrange our income tax and welfare systems, so families have enough net income to make choices about raising children and if daycare is the rights solution for them.

If families do not have child care options, the government is overstepping its authority. Are you listening, Mr. Singh?

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