Sick Leave Deception

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John Feldsted
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Sick Leave Deception

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Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Singh are deceiving workers and taxpayers. Federal and provincial employment standards acts set out employment standards.

Coverage for wages lost to government-imposed isolation (quarantine) should have been in force from the outset of the COVID economic response. If people showing signs of illness had remained at home rather than working to protect their paycheque, we could have prevented many infections.

Trotting a half-vast sick leave plan at this late stage as a wonderous improvement for the working class is a ridiculous attempt to paper over one of the many flaws in the government response.

By making COVID sick leave benefits a part of the Employment Insurance (EI) program, they are circumventing normal channels of oversight of employment affairs.

Under our constitution, EI is a federal jurisdiction. Employment standards, including sick leave and vacation benefits, are under federal or provincial jurisdiction depending on the industry.

Over the years, we have folded various welfare programs into the EI program – long-term sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, disability supports and so on.

The EI program is intended to be self-sustaining. Our workforce is gradually shrinking, but EI benefits are not. The premiums are adjusted annually to cover expected increases in claims.

Each year on or before September 14, the CEIC is responsible for setting the annual premium rate based on the seven-year break-even rate forecasted by the EI Senior Actuary. The Senior Actuary’s report on the 2021 EI premium rate and the CEIC’s summary of that report are available online to ensure continued transparency and accountability in the rate-setting process.

The Senior Actuary forecasted the seven-year break-even premium rate to be $1.93 per $100 of insurable earnings, an increase of 35 cents. The forecasted increase is mainly attributable to a rise in unemployment resulting from the pandemic, that is the Government of Canada’s response through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (29 cents) and temporary measures to support transition back to the EI program (6 cents).

However, as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada used its authority under the Employment Insurance Act to temporarily limit the change in the premium rate to zero in order to freeze the EI premium rate for 2021 and 2022 at the 2020 level. In addition, the Government of Canada has confirmed to the Commission that it will be crediting the EI Operating Account for the costs related to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. The Senior Actuary will be issuing a memorandum as an addition to the 2021 Actuarial Report on the Employment Insurance Premium Rate to update projections based on this new information. The memorandum will be available this fall. ... -ceic.html
The government is ‘cooking the books’ to keep EI premiums low for 2021 and 2022 even if it knows that premiums will not cover expenses. Now they are adding 14 days of sick leave benefits for the entire workforce. Costs could be enormous.

Eventually, the EI premiums must cover the cost of benefits. If the adjustments are left until 2023, the increase in premiums rates will be substantial.

The sick leave benefit is not a win for workers if it leads to the collapse of the EI program or large premium increases that reduce employment. Employers are required to pay premiums of 1.4 x the employee premium. That is a cost of business and a deterrent to hiring more staff.

It appears the government intends to prop up the EI program from general revenues, which is unacceptable. Millions of retirees and others ineligible for CERB or EI benefits will be propping up a service only eligible workers can access.

No government benefit is free. We have to endure the costs of any benefit and the added costs of administration. Claiming the COVID sick benefits as a “win” for workers without costing or a coherent means of covering costs is repugnant.

The Canada recovery and sickness benefits are only in effect until September 25, 2021, and tied to COVID-related absences from work. That is not sufficient reason to prop up a failed government.

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Re: Sick Leave Deception

Post by Ursus »

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