The "second wave" is more fiction

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John Feldsted
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The "second wave" is more fiction

Post by John Feldsted »

Our governments and the media act as if we have never been faced with a viral epidemic. History shows otherwise. We have never had virus experts running the country before. That, not the virus, is unprecedented.

Experts in infectious diseases do not consider collateral damage resulting from their advice. In Toronto and Montreal, the medical people demanding that bars and restaurants be closed will not compensate business owners for losses of income and investments or employees for their loss of wages and benefits. It is frightening that medical officers demand that businesses be closed. Where did they get the idea that they have dictatorial powers over the citizens in a democracy?

Before 2020, Canada did not quarantine healthy people, except for an infected person's immediate family. Wildly erroneous computer modelling of coronavirus underlays containment strategies. The specialist who created the approach using outdated technology did not abide by his isolation rules, caught COVID and infected the British Prime Minister. Still, we adhere to his predictions and rules of engagement. Our governments are stark raving mad.

From early January until mid-March, health care officials praised China for its efforts to contain the virus. China isolated an entire province. There was no travel allowed in or out of Wuhan. How did we miss this and not stop international travel in January? We missed an unmistakable signal to protect ourselves. We did not prevent about 22,000 travellers per week from China from entering Canada.

When governments quarantined us all and closed all but essential businesses and services, we had coronavirus infections across Canada. Although the population was confined to quarters to avoid the virus, infected people kept popping up, followed by those they had infected. The virus was steadily spreading despite the lockdown. In the meantime, productivity dropped sharply, and millions were left without incomes.

Schools, daycare centres and special needs services shut down. Parents, forced to stay home to care for children, left the workforce and lost incomes. Half a year later, the federal government is allowing applications for income replacement for caregivers. The lack of planning is staggering.

Coronavirus spread has never been under control. Reopening businesses and services did not cause infections. Thousands of people were infected but stayed home and recovered, and thousands more were infected but worked through the illness. We only have data on cases our health care system recognized. Many infected people did not go to health care for assessment. They still exist.

As we became adept at identifying ill people and contact tracing, active case numbers increased. The cause was improved triaging and tracing, not opening bars and restaurants.

We learned the risks of large indoor gatherings from the 2020 Pacific Dental Conference, which had 14,737 attendees and 251 exhibiting companies from all over Canada and the Northern USA. After the conference, COVID cases were popping up all over, but there was no effort to restrict interprovincial travel despite the widespread infections. We missed another clear signal to limit travel and virus spread.

We reopened schools and daycares and have recorded new infections as a result. The new infections are due to vigilant parents, staff, and teachers identifying COVID cases. They were ill and in the community before facilities were reopening and were identified when classes resumed. Contact tracing has added many more new cases.

Governments are misreporting COVID numbers. They report increases in case totals as new infections but the case totals include recoveries (about 74.5% in October). Misrepresenting virus recoveries as an increased COVID risk is dishonest and intentionally inflammatory.

Governments have casually destroyed Easter traditions, Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day celebrations and now demand that we isolate during Thanksgiving.

Making face masks deemed incapable of preventing infections in March mandatory in September indicates desperation, not a strategy for virus containment. An 'abundance of caution' is not synonymous with boneheaded stupidity.

Until recently, I was a citizen in one of the world's leading free democracies with freedoms and rights protected by the rule of law.

I am now a resident of an "orange zone" with my freedoms, rights, and associations curtailed by complex provincial regulations designed to punish me for living in an area where there is a high rate of COVID infections.

Incompetent politicians have suspended fairness, equality and the charter pretending they can manage an epidemic and unwilling to admit that they cannot. Their behaviour has been a shameful return to the rule of kings and vassals.

None of them merit re-election.

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Re: The "second wave" is more fiction

Post by PeterODonnell »

The only thing that makes sense to me is that the aliens told our leaders, "do this or we will blow up your planet."

It's a widespread panic over a disease that is very specific in its targets (hmm wonder why) and can therefore be controlled by isolating those targets, rather than isolating everyone from each other regardless of risk factors.

And when did our governments receive a general mandate to prevent sickness and death? That seems like a bridge too far and it will remain that way for a long time to come.

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