Canadians urged to keep COVID-era Thanksgiving gatherings small, virtual

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John Feldsted
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Canadians urged to keep COVID-era Thanksgiving gatherings small, virtual

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'COVID-19 is a very sneaky virus,' Health Minister Patty Hajdu has warned

The Canadian Press
CBC News
Oct 11, 2020

As COVID-19 cases spike in many parts of the country, Canadians are being asked to limit the size of their Thanksgiving gatherings or keep them entirely virtual.

"The steep rise in cases over the last week is troubling," Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said in a statement issued Sunday.

"It also coincides with Thanksgiving planning for many Canadians, which is very different this year. The table will be smaller, and we will be missing those who are not in attendance. What is usually a special tradition for many Canadians will serve as a hard reminder of how much we are sacrificing to protect ourselves, those we love and our communities."

On Friday, federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu called COVID-19 a "very sneaky virus," warning Canadians to limit holiday gatherings in an effort to keep people out of intensive care in the coming weeks.

With daily case counts continuing to rise in several provinces, increased restrictions came into effect in some hot spots heading into the long weekend. ... 636_194421

It is such a grave concern that Alberta and British Columbia did not report new statistics over the weekend (and have not reported on weekends for about a month). Ontario has not reported since Friday, October 9th. The official Canada COVID web site was updated (less the three provinces not reporting) late afternoon Monday.

All provinces had reported by Tuesday evening – for a total of 2,489 added cases. Of those, 3,228 were recoveries. Active cases had decreased by 766.

We still have health care and political officials lurking in the background making dire predictions that our health care systems can be overwhelmed. Our entire health care system has been on life support for at least two decades. We do not have enough doctors or nurses. We have long waiting lists for numerous common surgeries. People are dying while waiting for lifesaving procedures.

The horrors of a virus epidemic in personal care homes is due to chronic underfunding. Facilities are overextended, understaffed and held together with chewing gum and elastic bands. The saddest part of the personal care saga is that we don’t have enough beds to meet the demand. People who should be in personal care are in the hospital. . Others are shipped off to facilities far from their families. The system is in disarray.

Our Prime Minister thinks all we need to do is draft up operating regulations, and all will be well. We don’t know how to control the novel coronavirus. We have no idea if the protocols we have in place are adequate or appropriate.

I spent two and a half hours waiting for a friend to get a blood test. The process is dreadfully slow as the testing staff has to sanitize the area between patients. That is surreal. We sat in a crowded waiting room seven months ago, waiting to be called for our turn to get punctured.

Social distancing rules have long lines of patients standing outside in the elements waiting for hours to get their blood tests. As if that is not bad enough, COVID testing is done in a separate stream in Manitoba. The delays in regular blood testing are due to COVID precautions.

Those of us needing a test for routine health maintenance are mixed with people with many different illnesses. Clinics and ERs are not the best places to spend time, but we have gone overboard, trying to wash away hidden traces of an invisible virus.

Everything we have heard over the past seven months is that the virus is spread through close personal proximity, not by touching objects or surfaces touched by others. Surface transmission is possible but not probable. It seems that we are spending inornate energy and expense on avoiding the improbable while ignoring important.

It takes malice to insist that we wear face masks that cause sweating and itching to stop us from touching our faces. Why not mandatory mitts? Microscopic, airborne virus droplets pass through non-medial masks and around face shields. Indoor air currents are affected by our breathing.

The sheep unquestioningly committing us to Alice’s wonderland are elected representatives. They have happily abdicated their responsibilities to govern responsibly and adopted virus public policy created by Dr. Neil Ferguson of Oxford.

Scientific peers have blasted Dr. Ferguson for using an outdated computer model producing exaggerated results. He failed to follow isolation rules, caught coronavirus and infected the British PM. No one thought to give Dr. Ferguson’s advice a hard second look.

Our ‘leaders’ are subservient followers, fearful of making any decision that might hurt their electability and wary of any policy that they might be held accountable for: all image, no substance.

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Re: Canadians urged to keep COVID-era Thanksgiving gatherings small, virtual

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I suspect the truth will come out after the election, that COVID-19 is engineered, and designed with markers so that cases of common cold and flu can be diagnosed as COVID-19, then all forms of natural death with a positive test can be entirely blamed on it when perhaps half to three quarters would have happened anyway.

I also wonder if the actual design of this was done by misguided individuals who wanted to see a stronger response to their self-defined climate emergency, saw little if any hope of public response to that, and substituted this as a way to bring about the same results. In their twisted minds, these persons could be imagining that they are saving humanity from a climate catastrophe. If not, the similarities are there for anyone to see and the outcome could be that one faux crisis turns into the solution for the other one.

Then some would ask, well how does China fit into that? As paid agents, my friend, globalists get along fine with Beijing and give them a pass on most of their schemes (what we have to do to save the earth, they can do later when they are done growing).

It's time for these sorts of issues to get a more complete public airing. We are living in an age of notorious news management where plenty of obvious problems in plain sight cannot be discussed because either (a) some troubled individual would take offense, or (b) the globalist elites don't want any discussion.

Trump seems to be fighting this as best he can in his own way, but for whatever reason he is not all that direct about some of these issues, either he fears that raising them would trigger his assassination, or he thinks he can do better with stealth responses. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that no action has been taken or likely will be taken against various enemies of freedom and even loyalists are starting to wonder why that is. Either there is a master strategy not being revealed to us yet, or a case of fear of the enemy being too strong to confront directly.

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