The WE Charity Scandal

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The WE Charity Scandal

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WE Charity saw resignations, departures from senior ranks before landing government contract
Layoffs and changes to board all linked to COVID-19, said WE

Catherine Cullen
CBC News
Jul 02, 2020
A charity under scrutiny after receiving a contract to administer a $900 million government program has gone through an organizational upheaval over the past few months, CBC News has learned.
The chairs of both the Canadian and U.S. boards of directors for the WE Charity resigned in the spring. The vast majority of the other board members in the two countries have been replaced as well, and staff have been laid off in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The flurry of changes began about two months before the federal government announced WE was the only organization in Canada able to administer the multi-million dollar Canada Student Service Grant initiative.
Ref: ... _734_46174

Why would we contract with an international charity to manage a Canadian government program? The aims of the organization are:

WE is a movement with 25+ years of empowering youth across Canada, the U.S. and the UK through service-learning, inspiring them to make a difference in their communities and around the world. It also partners with communities in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty through a proven international development model.

Our programs educate, engage, and inspire youth to take action on some of the world’s most pressing local and global issues. Over the last 25 years, we have honed our approach and become leaders in providing experiential service-learning and currently serve as an educational partner to over 18,000 schools across Canada, the U.S. and the UK. WE is cause inclusive—each year young people participating in WE Schools programming do service actions in support of over 5,000 local and global non-profit organizations. During the 2018-2019 academic year, our programs impacted over 5.5M youth who logged over 10.5M hours of service through WE programs.

WE is grateful for the opportunity to work with impactful partners to be able to support their service-learning programs. Below are two partners who have activated WE’s unique model into their existing educational structures. ... e-learning

Service-learning opportunities are at the heart of our WE Schools program. Through WE Schools and WE Day, we are dedicated to providing educators and students with resources, opportunities and experiences to support their passion to learn through service, and in the process to better the world. The range of service opportunities is virtually endless, from playing music at a seniors’ residence, to participating in a shoreline cleanup, to developing a website for a small community non-profit, to volunteering in developing communities abroad. ... -learning/


When you boil it down, is an ideology-driven, world-order indoctrination body working in our school systems to develop socialist activists with the complicity of provincial Education Departments and Teachers’ organizations. That is appalling.

Reference: A one-man mission turned global crusade ... e-1.489551

No mention is made of the administration fee will receive. 15% would be usual for a non-profit administering a government program. That is a $135 million boost to WE future fortunes. Not bad for a non-profit charity.
Our education systems, from kindergarten to university should be politically neutral. At higher levels, education on governance and political movements must not favour one system over another. They should be open to unbiased examination for civil discussion and debate.
Trudeau is spending $900 million in taxpayer money to promote socialist indoctrination of our youth. Provincial Departments of Education and teacher’s bodies are part of this travesty. Who knew? Now the federal government is spending our money to ensure children are encouraged to absorb this socialist drivel. That is repulsive.

Just in: WE Group to Stop Running Federal Volunteer Program, Return Funds Already Paid ... -1.5009516
OTTAWA -- The WE organization won't manage the federal government's $900-million program to pay students and fresh graduates for volunteer work this summer, Youth Minister Bardish Chagger announced Friday.
In a statement this morning, Chagger said it's a "mutually agreed upon decision."

OK, so the feds bailed before the scandal got worse. The question of why we are allowing a charity to turn Canadian students into socialist activists remains. Students who want to volunteer with should be free to do so, but not through recruitment in our schools and on our dime. What were terms of the contract? We have a right to know.
We still need the program monitored to ensure that students are not publicly funded to join as it has well defined political objectives and government funding should be politically neutral.

Just in: Ethics watchdog investigating Trudeau over choice of WE Charity to run $900M student grant program ... -1.5637195
Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has launched an investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the government's decision to task the WE Charity — which has ties to Trudeau's family — with administering a $900 million summer student grant program.

One more conflict of interest investigation of our Prime Minister. He has been found guilty in the past, promised to do better, and was insincere. We cannot consider Justin Trudeau as ethical or honest in his role as Prime Minister. We deserve better.

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