Our Useful Idiots in Ottawa

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John Feldsted
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Our Useful Idiots in Ottawa

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There is no clearer description of our current federal government. Instead of being driven by the interests and needs of Canadians, Prime Minister Trudeau and his minions are driven by outside influences including UN agencies and foreign funded, non-government organizations (NGOs) working for foreign interests.

From the environment to pipelines to climate change, government policy is written by foreigners in the interests of foreigners. We are governed by Liberal panderers unable to lead or to make coherent and useful policies. The SNC-Lavalin scandal arose out of government pandering to big business and its financially supportive friends. That is corruption. The Vice Admiral Norman scandal arose from attempted pandering to competing interests in the ship building sector. That is corruption.

These are not wild accusations. Please take time to read:
https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-ne ... bill-c-48

We watched the SNC-Lavalin and Mark Norman scandals play out in front of us and they are real, tangible evidence of unethical government actions. We have been aware of foreign funded non-government organizations driving environmental protests and the whole discussion on climate change, environment and pipelines for decades.

Instead of shutting down the foreign funded NGOs and creating policy made in Canada for Canadians, our government is complicit in accommodating these influencers. No one believes that the Gretta Thunberg show is not the product of powerful corporations with deep pockets looking after their interests. Our government and the media played up this public relations show as if Ms Thunberg was a reincarnation of Joan of Arc. She is the Charlie McCarthy of the environmental lobby. (For younger readers, McCarthy was famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen’s wooden dummy.)

The powers behind Thunberg are investors in green technology who stand to make millions in government grants to research improvements in sustainable energy development. Governments make these grants to show that they are environmental friendly and working hard for people.

Germany, an acknowledged technology giant, was confident that she could use her technical powers to switch from petroleum to ‘clean energy’ and meet Paris Agreement targets with ease. That was overly optimistic and Germany has since admitted that it cannot meet Paris Agreement targets.

The notion that the world can change from petroleum driven energy to wind and solar power in a few years is insane. The first industrial revolution occurred between 1760 and 1840 or eighty years. The second industrial revolution occurred between 1870 and 1920 or fifty years. They are evolutions rather than revolutions.

Our government is populated by people suffering arrested development chasing concepts created by others like buying the most recent video games to try out. Their inability to rationally apply critical thinking to how their adopted ideologies will impact the nation and its residents is destroying a once potential powerhouse.

The damage done by this Prime Minister and his Laurentian elite is reaching a critical stage. If we do not counter this clique of crooks and pivot to turn loose our innovative potential we may never recover. We need a clean sweep of the halls of power and need to ensure the next government fulfills its obligation to govern for the benefit of all Canadians.

A Patriot
is a person who vigorously supports
his or her country and is prepared
to defend it against all enemies,
foreign and domestic.

Our Constitution
is not a document that gives power to our federal
and provincial governments; it is an instrument
for us to restrain excesses by our governments.
It sets out responsibilities, not powers over us.

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