Freeland Should Act As PM While Trudeau Investigated

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John Feldsted
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Freeland Should Act As PM While Trudeau Investigated

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I think this is the sixth ethics investigation. Trudeau has been found guilty of ethics breaches twice, once in respect to dealings with the Aga Khan and the second in respect to the SNC-Lavalin affair.

It is not appropriate that he remain in office during another ethics investigation considering his past performance. I recognize the principle that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, but this is not a criminal matter, at least not yet.

The principle of open and honest governance is highly important. We must be able to trust those who are appointed to high office. It is appropriate for him to step down until the investigation is completed.

Trudeau is appointed Prime Minister; he is not elected to that position. If he refuses to step down during the investigation, he can be removed from office by the Governor General. He would still sit as an elected Member of Parliament, but would lose his appointed position.

If the current minority government fails, a general election is only one option open to the Governor General. She can also offer the Conservatives the opportunity to form a government. We have precedent set in the King-Byng affair (1926).

Our conservative opposition should be petitioning the Governor General to remove Trudeau as Prime Minister if he fails to step down during the ethics investigation. Blanchet does not recognize the Crown, so he will not use the GG's powers. The NDP and Liberals are bed-mates so we cannot expect help from that quarter.

Someone has to stand up for Canadians, the rude lot who drive the economy and pay the bills. We have no champion in parliament which is lamentable. We need a party of the people to get parliament and our governance back on track.

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