Bloc Québécois to support Liberal bill expanding, extending coronavirus measures

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Bloc Québécois to support Liberal bill expanding, extending coronavirus measures

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By Staff
The Canadian Press
Global News
July 18, 2020

OTTAWA — The Bloc Québécois says it’ll support a bill to extend the federal emergency wage subsidy and make payments to people with disabilities to help with COVID-19 costs when the House of Commons meets on Monday.

In a statement, party House leader Alain Therrien said the measures proposed by the Liberal government are in keeping with demands the Bloc has made.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Friday the Liberals want to give wage supports to a wider range of businesses.

He said that should allow them to operate with more confidence in the pandemic even if trade is slow, but said he will ramp those supports down quickly through the autumn.

The payments of up to $600 to people with disabilities to help with increased costs for things like prescriptions and deliveries were included in a bill the Liberals couldn’t get any other party to vote for in June.
The Bloc’s support means the new bill is all but certain to pass.

It seems our parliament is determined to provide comic relief for the coronavirus epidemic and its efforts to frighten us into submission to COVID regulations.

On May 26th, the NDP and Greens supported a Liberal motion to shut down parliament until late September. BQ Leader Blanchet said: “What’s happening now is a deal between the NDP and the Liberals to shut down Parliament.” ... ension-of/

On June 18th, BQ Leader Blanchet said: “I know Canada is a monarchy, but I didn’t know it had an actual king, someone who decides everything and makes a show of it on a daily basis and does not answer to a parliament. It does look like a monarchy.” ... -to-return

On July 10th Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet made perhaps the boldest challenge, calling on Trudeau to step aside from the role of Prime Minister “for a few months.”

Eight days later, Blanchet is supporting Trudeau.

It is not acceptable that whatever negotiations or deals were made to move Blanchet from severe critic to supporter are not recorded and are not part of parliamentary functions.

Parliament will not be convening on Monday. We will have a half-vast, made-up COVID19 committee taking the place of parliament. The money being spent to support people with disabilities is urgently needed, but this government cannot simply do the right thing. It has to hook other less desirable legislation to the disabilities support spending – measures that would not pass if presented separately. Its approach is disgusting.

As for Blanchet, he has shown himself to be less trustworthy than our Prime Minister which is certainly a feat, but not one he wants to be remembered for. It appears the Quebec axis has struck again Blanchet & Trudeau against the other ten provinces. What a mess!

We deserve better than the puzzle factory our parliament has become.

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Re: Bloc Québécois to support Liberal bill expanding, extending coronavirus measures

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Clear and concrete reasons for Western (esp Alberta) secession.
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Re: Bloc Québécois to support Liberal bill expanding, extending coronavirus measures

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What percentage of these PAYbac pipe dreams are actually being paid for by Albertans?
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