The WE Charity Scandal: One of Many

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The WE Charity Scandal: One of Many

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Grant A. Brown
C2C Journal
September 2, 2020

The WE Charity scandal is being blown out of all proportion. That is not because it is a minor, forgettable indiscretion, as a flippant Prime Minister Justin (Mr. “Blind Spot”) Trudeau would have you believe. No, the WE scandal is every bit as bad as the critics say – and worse.

A brief recap. On June 25, the Liberal government announced it had awarded WE Charity a sole-sourced contract to administer a $912 million program whereby students who “volunteered” for charitable work over the summer would be paid between $1,000 and $5,000. For running this Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) program, WE Charity stood to scoop up a $19.5 million fee. Almost nothing in this initial announcement was accurate.

On July 22, the government admitted the CSSG contract was not with WE Charity at all, but with an (until then) inactive real estate holding company, WE Charity Foundation. Most people in English-speaking Canada know WE Charity as the creation of the Kielburger brothers, Craig and Marc, who have made a career out of saving children in Third World countries. Very few, though, had ever heard of WE Charity Foundation.

When questioned about the arrangement by the House of Commons Finance Committee, the Kielburger brothers sloughed it off as a routine mechanism to limit liability for WE Charity. Of course, they assured MPs, WE Charity would do all the work for the CSSG program; the contract was with WE Charity Foundation simply because it has no assets, so that if something were to go awry the Kielburger brothers would not lose their shirts. Such a tawdry corporate shell-game might strike the average voter as strange for a charitable endeavour run by a widely admired duo long draped in a mantle of moralistic self-righteousness.

It turns out there are still more branches to the WE conglomerate. Many more. The Kielburger brothers also control ME to WE (a private, for-profit enterprise), WE Education for Children Limited, ME to WE Asset Holdings Inc. (which controls nearly $50 million worth of real estate in Toronto), WE Villages, WE Schools, and the ME to WE Foundation. The functions of these intertwined entities are difficult to decipher, but transparency is apparently not one of them. ... e-of-many/

By all means read through the entire article. Below are some highlights

It covers dubious dealing with AMD Medicom

In an unrelated bonus scandal, the Liberals paid $237 million for 10,000 pandemic ventilators from another Quebec company, this one owned by former Liberal MP Frank Baylis. The contract was signed on June 15, a day before these particular ventilators were approved by Health Canada.

MCAP is a mortgage finance firm in a limited liability partnership with the beloved Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québéc. In January, the company hired Rob Silver as a vice-president. Silver is the husband of Katie Telford, Chief of Staff of the PMO. Read about special contracts for this firm

You might be sensing a pattern. But I haven’t even gotten to the mother of all Liberal boondoggles, the $187 billion spent by Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna. She has apparently pushed funding for 55,000 “projects” out the door since being sworn in last November, albeit can only document about 33,000 of them.

Let’s also not overlook Trudeau’s ongoing venal if not plain goofy decisions with respect to China. In March, he rushed to sign an agreement with CanSino Biologics, a company with ties to the Chinese military, and handed over a pile of cash to develop a vaccine against the Wuhan flu. Now, even as shipments to Russia proceed, China’s Communist dictatorship is holding up shipments of the trial vaccines to Canada for “customs” reasons (perhaps as part of its power play to secure the release of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, currently under luxury house arrest in Vancouver, or perhaps because the vaccine is useless).

Mr. Brown expresses himself well and I see no need to add remarks. I agree with Mr. Brown that the WE charity affair is important but focus on that affair is distracting us from investigating many other unethical operations of this government. We need to get it all aired out.

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