Working mothers pushed out of U.S. labour force as child-care crisis grows

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Working mothers pushed out of U.S. labour force as child-care crisis grows

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The Associated Press
Global News
September 5, 2020

Angela Wynn had just launched her own project management business, hitting a career stride after years of struggle that began with earning an undergraduate degree as a single mother.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, forcing many schools to shift online. The now-married mother of five saw little choice but to give up her newly minted business to help three of her children cope with remote learning while her husband, the primary breadwinner, kept his job at a senior living centre.

“To see all that come to fruition, I did it, but now it’s gone,” said Wynn, who has always been the main caretaker for her children, ages 1, 5, 11, 12 and 18. “But my priority is my kids and their education is everything.” ... our-force/

These puff pieces, protecting our government, make me ill.

The inference is that enforced isolation and the lockdown of schools and daycare centres have not affected Canada.

The responsibility rests with the politicians and bureaucrats who wield the levers of political power. They shut the nation down, confined us to our homes, closed all but essential services and left us to cope with the results of their decisions.

There was no effort to assess the impact of lockdown decisions before action. The emphasis was on securing equipment and hospital beds for a vast wave of COVID infections that never materialized.

CERB launched on April 6 with promises of payment within ten days of application. That helped replace income for about 3.5 million applicants. However, income is only a fraction of the problems women faced.

Thousands of female entrepreneurs who had opened businesses watched in horror as years of sacrifice and savings to become genuinely independent vanished overnight. The financial loss was bad enough; the loss of pride in accomplishment and achievement is devastating. Many women not able to work from home found themselves choosing between employment and family.

Decades of incremental progress vanished overnight. Governments set back the battle for equality a couple of decades. All the chatter about equality, wage parity, breaking glass ceilings, and a feminist Prime Minister turned to ashes on March 14.

Women would pick up the slack and make families work no matter how personally hurt or harmed they might be. They have always done so – through depressions, epidemics, fires, floods, storms and wars, they have held our society together with compassion, grit, labour and love.

Governments need to figure out how they will apologize to the women in society for taking them for granted and how they are going to compensate them for the sacrifices they have endured during the last six months.

Women stood up when called upon to care for their families while politicians cowered at home, refusing to convene legislatures and parliament for fear of infection. That is grossly unfair and why none of these twits deserves re-election. They value their own skins too highly.

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