Russian Origins of BLM

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Russian Origins of BLM

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Marxist origin of BLM explains why all lives and blue lives don't matter to BLM. "Black is not the level of pigment in the skin, but the level of adherence to the Marxist doctrine". ... rxism.html
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Re: Russian Origins of BLM

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I've been saying for awhile that this might have started out as a race protest, but it has been hijacked now, and I think you guys have a full-scale communist revolution on your hands. I am sincerely praying for you!
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Re: Russian Origins of BLM

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5 out of 6 BLM's are white. The majority of them those 5/6ths are white females, late teens to mid 30's. The looters and rioters captured express themselves succinctly;

" I DINDU nudding "
" You didn't GIBME any money "

These two expressions, guttural as they may sound, sum up today's world status.

This is what our society has boiled down to:
a) those who express no guilt or remorse and expect to receive for free what you have worked for;
b) those who have taken upon themselves, the responsibility for (a)
c) those who have taken personal responsibility for their lives and now cutting loose (a) and (b)

These are not Russian origins per se. More like Marxists-Leninist overlay onto Russian monarchy / oligarchy a century ago. These are home grown now. We own these.

Men have become effeminate stooges, patsies and real whores. Women have become the Marxists, oppressors, the modern slave traders.

There is a pattern:
Dumb down the narrative to the lowest common denominator - DINDU / GIBME
Repeat ad infinitum

From the Persians to the Greeks to the Carthaginians to the Romans to the Gauls, to the Francs, to the Vikings, to the Saxons, to the Normans, to the Spaniards, to the Brits, to the Americas ...

Hundreds of millions of lives shed blood, sweat and tears
And now we regress to the lowest common denominators

God help us.
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Re: Russian Origins of BLM

Post by PeterODonnell »

White liberals thought the bargain was, let in so many people of colour that it became the new normal and if we were good hosts everybody would get along. I think what happened instead was, the new majority looked around and said, "these peckerwoods are about done, let's take all their stuff." This is not new in human history and white people have done their fair share of it. But to be naive and not recognize the inevitability of it, is either stupid or criminally negligent depending on whether you vote for it or try to govern it. Probably too late to get this under control now, we are tagged as the dying breed and there's not enough of us with other ideas to make a significant difference. Or maybe there are and holy hell will be the result of it all. I agree it's partially a communist revolution although I think it's got enough anarchy mixed in that any despot could take over at some point. A full-scale neo-fascist reaction is quite possible too, it may be the only choice we have since democracy is just going to empower more destruction.

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