Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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Free Markets
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Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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I didn't see the whole debate but don't think I missed much. To me it didn't matter who landed the best blows and the usual criteria for picking winners. The question was would early onset Joe have a gaga moment or two. If he did, not only would he lose the debate but probably also the election. He was confusing at times (as was Trump) and had the odd gaff but did not exhibit any symptoms of senility. Because Biden didn't tangle his oars, Biden wins.

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Re: Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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I think it depends on the viewer. Trump either came off like an attention seeking crybaby or an alpha with his constant interruptions, it's really all about perspective.

He also asked the proud boys to stand by, said that insulin is now cheap like water, and that the American economy is the strongest it's ever been. Ridiculous.
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Duane Berke
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Re: Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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I had so looked forward to it and only lasted about fifteen minutes. By then I'd had enough. I try to imagine young people voting for the first time. What a mess to pick through and sort out.
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Wilderness Voice
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Re: Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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Chris Wallace because he spent to much time harpooning Trump and the rest of the time he was holding Biden's hand as they tiptoed through the political mine field.

John Feldsted
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Re: Who Won the Trump-Biden Debate

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China, with Russia as runner-up.

The political elite in the USA have not figured out that airing a ton of dirty laundry in public weakens their position globally.

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