Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday December 1st, 2020: Wow, 16 New Deaths Mostly Of Elderly People From Influ

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Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday December 1st, 2020: Wow, 16 New Deaths Mostly Of Elderly People From Influ

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Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday December 1st, 2020: Wow, 16 New Deaths Mostly Of Elderly People From Influenza! The Beat Goes On..

I had a most interesting debate with a fellow employee this morning who firmly believes this entire scam-demic to be real... He asked me some hard questions about "Why our government would do such a thing to its own people?" And of course the usual of "Why would doctors even be wrong about this, unless it is real?".... I answered him as concisely as I could with the facts that most governments are in on the scam (to which he could not believe to be true..) and course how a lot of doctors are actually against this entire scam-demic but have been either paid off or are too afraid or unaware of the real truths to even challenge the narrative... I of course got the usual earful about being a 'crazy conspiracy theorist' (Yes, that term is still used blatantly as a weapon of suppression) and that I was a 'kook' for thinking that this is all a sick and twisted game on all humanity. I said to him that he needs to do some real research, to which I gave him a whole bunch of internet links to look at, and to get back to me when he could.... I seriously doubt I will get him to change his mind, for he is indeed a hard nosed guy who thinks that he is never wrong.....

OK, Enough of my ranting... I have today's official Manitoba "COVID-19 report" that was just released a short while ago by that bald headed prick who continues to have the nerve to call himself "Manitoba's Chief Health Officer", Brent Roussin, and I am not in the least bit shocked that they are shifting their manipulation now to upping the 'death toll' for this entire fraud "deadly virus" with '16 new deaths' over the last 24 hours.. But once again when anyone looks closely at these new deaths, you find the same common pattern of them counting elderly deaths and ALL of these '16' do indeed fall into that category once again!

Anyways, here are their 'official numbers' from today's report.. And I have them broken down in the usual alphabetical order here for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming "283" new cases of this STILL non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours for here in Manitoba, raising the grand total for the nearly 37 full weeks since the fraud 'state of emergency' declaration back in mid-March to "17107" in total..

(b) Now they are claiming "338" cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals.. This is a decrease of '4' overall hospital cases from yesterday's total of '342'... And they are now claiming "48" of these '338' cases are in the Intensive Care Units, which is an increase of '5' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '43'...

(c) Now they are claiming '16' new deaths from this still non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises the overall total for the last nearly 37 full weeks to '328' deaths.. But of course and as usual, ALL of these new '16' deaths were ELDERLY PEOPLE mostly beyond the age of 70 and ALL with underlying health issues and/or weakened immune systems... And again it is indeed "Influenza season' and how that disease does indeed target the sick and especially the elderly.

(d) Now they are claiming '7713' recovered cases of this still non-existent 'deadly virus'.... This is an increase of '460' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '7253' recovered cases....

(e) Now they are claiming "9066" active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is a decrease of '194' active cases from yesterday's report of '9260' active cases... AND this does make sense, for the fact that they are finally forced to release more of this category into the recovered cases file.... But of course ALL of these '9066' number are ALL 'suspect' at best as they were all derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is 100% inaccurate..

Yes, they are once again going after senior citizens in elderly care facilities to raise their 'death toll' and throw that into everyone's faces screaming that this non-existent 'deadly virus' is out to 'kill us all'...But they also are now stuck with having to admit that a LOT of the 'active cases' are actually fully recovered and therefore they are reluctantly and very slowly releasing those into the recovered cases file where they properly belong!

Well... Once again time to do my due diligence, and take a much closer look at ALL of their so called 'numbers' as listed above, and rip them all to shreds... And in the same alphabetical order listed above, right here:

(a) Yes, '283' new cases overall, but of course ALL coming from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is hopelessly inaccurate... And in fact ALL of these '17107' overall cases number are ALL derived from that fraud testing as well... But again, no matter what they try to get this number pumped up, this '17107' number is so miniscule to the overall number of real illness cases for all of Manitoba for the last 37 weeks which easily is in the 70000+ number range! But the propaganda of constantly flaunting this '17107' number in everyone's faces on a constant daily basis is exactly what these criminals want to subdue the sheep and keep them in constant fear of a 'virus' that still has never to this day even been isolated and thus proven to even exist..

(b) Here we go with now trying to pump up the "ICU cases" in the hospitals... But they continue to blow it big time with this entire scam by not grabbing more SUCKERS who are stupid enough to be 'tested' and throw them in the hospitals to create the illusion that the hospitals are somehow overwhelmed with 'COVID-19' patients.... But hey, they can make bullshit videos to try to sell the public that our hospitals are 'over-run' with COVID-19 patients, right???

(c) Yes, it is back to their criminal ways of trolling senior citizen homes for any deaths and having them re-labeled as 'death by COVID-19'.... And of course we are now deep into INFLUENZA SEASON, with the fact that most of those real victims are indeed the elderly with their weakened immune systems... In fact when you do take the time and closely examine ALL of these '328' deaths for the nearly 37 weeks time frame, you find that they ALL suffered from either underlying health issues, or were very elderly with weakened immune systems... .Therefore my statement that nobody here in Manitoba has actually ever died FROM this 'deadly virus' still holds...

(d) Finally, the crack is beginning to show in their manipulation.. .They have indeed been forced to admit that most of the 'active cases' are actually fully recovered and have begun to release them properly into this category, though begrudgingly slowly.... The fact remains that this number should indeed be several thousand higher as most of those 'active cases' have run past their 14 day isolation period and MUST be placed in this category....

(e) Well, finally this 'active cases' number is forced to fall as the criminals do indeed have to release a lot into the 'recovered cases' category... But beyond that fallacy, the facts remain that ALL of these 'active cases' are a fraud in themselves as they were all derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is hopelessly inaccurate... Thus if any of these 'active cases' are actually sick, they do not have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all , but suffer from a wide range of other real diseases.. And of course we are now deep into the seasonal INFLUENZA season, and ALL of the Influenza cases for Manitoba have all been re-labeled as "COVID-19" cases as well.... Therefore, does anyone here in Manitoba have this 'deadly virus' at all? The facts prove it to be ZERO....

OK, Nearly 37 full weeks of this scam-demic that has destroyed Manitoba and its economy, and there is no end in sight... I can guarantee that the criminals in charge will continue to try to throw a 'high death toll' in everyone's faces for the next while, and use that as their excuse to push their new criminal restrictions and closures of businesses beyond their December 11th deadline.. Watch as they will push the end of that deadline now BEYOND Christmas time and destroy that important holiday in the process..

And when I was out and about last night, I could not help but to notice all of the businesses shuttered when usually this time of year they are bustling with patrons and consumers... Most of these businesses will not survive this catastrophe and I can guarantee that as of January many will simply give up and close forever throwing so many people out of work and permanently destroying much of Manitoba's economy in the process..

And I am not going to stop closing these reports without discussing the people out there that have had their well being and their mental states of mind destroyed by this entire scam.... Many have already taken their lives via overdoses and/or suicides, and it is a fact that the Pallister criminals here in Manitoba are fully responsible for this human catastrophe.... I do want to see these criminal pricks pay dearly for this senseless crime of destruction, and we should show them all NO MERCY as we re-introduce the death penalty and have these criminals have that as their sentence...

More to come


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