Now Is Not the Time to Feel Discouraged by Politics

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Now Is Not the Time to Feel Discouraged by Politics

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Now Is Not the Time to Feel Discouraged by Politics
February 10th 2021, 10:21 am

Don’t feel discouraged over the coup against Donald Trump because now the world is discovering the true extent of corruption in politics.

And this discovery leads to victory, much like how a general finds victory by discovering the tactics of his enemy.

Before things can get better – and they will because human history is always cyclical – the people must first understand they’re being controlled by corrupt authoritarians who want to control the entire globe through a network of central banks, entertainment and media.

This understanding is necessary because voters cannot defeat corruption by simply voting for one man.

It doesn’t matter what strengths Donald Trump has; globalism cannot be defeated by voting for him alone.

What really causes lasting change is when there’s enough people who know the extent of the corruption and then, and only then, can they finally do something about it.

But just picking a name on a ballot doesn’t do anything, especially if you leave the voting booth to go back to your own life, unconcerned with politics for four years until it’s time to vote again.

In fact, that makes things worse because it makes you passive and complacent, giving you the false hope that, with minimum effort, you can defend your liberties by delegating the task to a political candidate.

This keeps you from truly studying politics, economics, religion and human nature and deciding for yourself what actually works.

Frankly, the election of President Trump in 2016 was like winning a beachhead in Normandy. It was a step in the right direction, but it didn’t win a war.

It was never meant to.

There’s been a sustained war against human liberties for centuries as governments became more centralized, and the conflict is still ongoing.

It won’t be won by simply taking a beachhead. There’s still a lot of work to do in the battle for freedom and prosperity.

It seems like the globalists are winning, but in fact they’ve burnt all their political capital to oust Trump. They have to come out in the open and expose themselves to “beat” Trump and the brand of populism he represents.

That’s what makes them weak. They spent all their reserves to just take back a beachhead.

Now the globalists have to try to cement their dominance over us because they know they’re weakening as humanity awakens.

You see, centralization has worked for centuries because the globalists did things the public would never accept behind the scenes, away from public view.

Now that’s being exposed. Now people know for a fact that there’s hidden arenas of politics they’ve never known about that’ve been operating this entire time as the secret machines of tyranny.

And this mass discovery cannot be stopped because the desire to unravel mysteries is at the core of human nature.

Additionally, the history of humanity can be roughly defined into ‘ages,’ and right now we’re leaving one age and entering another.

The globalists are trying to re-enter us into another Age of Absolutism like 17th-century Europe with the rise of the Sun King, but what we’re actually doing is entering an Age of Decision.

During this new age, factions of humanity will decide whether to go with God or to move away from Him.

The true conflict isn’t with politics but rather with the spiritual reawakening of humanity. Politics is simply the veil obscuring the real struggle.

Fortunately for us, we’re leaving the old age of being asleep while entering a new era with eyes wide open.

That’s because we’re winning the information war.

We have forced the globalists out in the open, and now it’s time to let the light of truth shine.

So don’t get discouraged, don’t feel depressed or blackballed from all this crazy chaos.

The demons know their time is coming to an end because they had to spend all their political capital and their reserves to make gains.

It seems like they’re winning, but they’re “winning” very inefficiently.

Taking down Trump was simply a pyrrhic victory for globalist in the long run.

Humanity will get through all of this.

But don’t just simply “trust the plan.” Trust God’s plan that’s designed to empower you to be a participant in life, not just a mere spectator.

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Re: Now Is Not the Time to Feel Discouraged by Politics

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"But don’t just simply “trust the plan.” Trust God’s plan that’s designed to empower you to be a participant in life, not just a mere spectator."

Therein layeth the key. Put not thy trust in princes of this earth.
Blessed be the Lord my God, who teacheth my hands to fight,
and my fingers to war.


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