Trump Considers Sending Troops to Our Border

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Trump Considers Sending Troops to Our Border

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Personally, I think this is for various reasons including a warning to those who were behind the attempted power grab. ... oplay=true

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Re: Trump Considers Sending Troops to Our Border

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Our media are making a big deal out of this, but in actual fact there has always been a lot of surveillance of the border between official crossings. The media of course are mostly in eastern Canada where the only border crossings are either bridges or well known locations including a few illegal ones. But across most of western Canada, there are tons of very isolated locations where forestry roads or prairie back roads come very close to the border (on both sides) and they have been used at times for illegal entry either for undocumented immigration, or drug traffic. So this rumour may have to do with beefing up the defences against terrorists sneaking in with bio-weapons -- seems plausible given the rather dubious nature of China's role in this global crisis, and also the lax attitude of our government in Canada (and BC) towards that lovely communist dictatorship. ... Trump may want to make sure there aren't bad actors coming in the back door, he can pretty much trust the official border crossings to be sealed now, but it is quite simple to get across the border, what's not so simple is to outrun the local police and border patrols who already had a high level of electronic surveillance in place.

A few months ago, some tourists from the UK were travelling along the border between official crossing points in White Rock and Aldergrove BC, along what is known as Zero Avenue, which is basically along side a shallow ditch that marks the 49th parallel, and there's a similar road in Washington state across the other side of that ditch. They somehow ended up jumping the ditch and arrived in the USA, and within about five minutes they were under arrest, that's how quick the detection and intervention was. So I don't think the armed forces would do a lot better than that, however, they might have additional resources. As to the motivation of those people, charges were made that they had sought illegal entry to stay in the USA, but their story was that they lost control and crashed through the ditch. Whatever the truth or fiction of that, it shows you that this whole story is a tempest in a teapot, mostly optics, that border is not just sitting there unobserved.

I know of another clandestine location much further east in more rugged mountainous terrain, where drug dealers used to toss packages and money across the unmarked and apparently unobserved border, at a point where forestry roads almost meet. Those people were eventually arrested too which suggested their activities were not as secret as they thought. Where I live (west of Trail BC) there is a long very isolated forestry road that runs very close to the border all the way over to Christina Lake and I noticed while driving that one summer day that there was a big ranch and clearing on our side of the border up against the clearing for the border (they have clearcut about 200 metres all the way across the country basically to mark the border and make electronic surveillance easier). Said ranch must be in an "interesting" location say no more. We are also aware living here that the U.S. air force routinely patrols the border as we often see parallel contrails right over the 49th parallel which is maybe ten miles south of us, if that. These are advertised as Norad training missions, whatever.

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Re: Trump Considers Sending Troops to Our Border

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Why weren't we sending troops to the border five years ago? The USA was virtually bussing these despots to within 10 miles of the border.

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