Happy Dominion Day!

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Happy Dominion Day!

Post by Connie Fournier »

I had to say it. It is tradition.
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Re: Happy Dominion Day!

Post by PeterODonnell »

There could be things to celebrate under that name, there isn't much to celebrate under the new name and what it represents (a phase Trudeau the elder went through in homage to Soviet political influences, not a path the left have stayed on, finding it easier to gain power by creating client groups rather than bulldozing everyone into one faceless national identity covered up by an oversized maple leaf).

I don't think many people realize what lay behind the 1965-80 period revolution that created the Canada this Canada that Canada everything mentality -- it was an attempt to make Canada like the USSR. Some of it worked, most of it didn't work and the left lost interest in it when the USSR fell apart. The new path forward is identity politics, the creation of multiple client groups who need a leftist government to have any power or relevance, but who use that to dismantle the creations of the hated "settlers" (apparently higher functioning individuals who didn't pay the client groups the respect they thought they should have). Their revenge will be to destroy everything and force us all to live the way they would have lived had we never shown up. Is that better? Probably not, but nobody has the guts to say no to them, and it will go on until there is open sectarian fighting if we don't get a government with some common sense.

I think a lot of this revolutionary nonsense nowadays is simply an opportunistic grab for power in a time of weakness. But next time we are strong, we should make it known that limits have been crossed and we are not all going back to Europe, this is our home and history doesn't work in reverse.

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