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The Sickness Gulag

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:50 am
by Winston.J.S.Smith ... ess-gulag/

Americans – many of them – are so dumbed down they can be convinced that it’s reasonable to turn the country into a permanent Sickness Gulag in the name of a permanent war on germs – a war that cannot be won.

Which may be just the point.

Endless war – waged in the name of “health” – is the health of the state. It provides endless, limitless pretext for those who are the state – the officials and enforcers – to decree and punish.

How does one object to this when the victims of this have been convinced that it is the only way to keep them breathing? Notwithstanding the evidence – including that which they see (or rather, don’t) with their own eyes.

Fear supplants facts. Closes their eyes – and minds – to evidence, to reason. Such as the bodies not stacking up.

Or not stacking up unusually.

Bodies are always stacking up. All of a sudden, this is redefined as abnormal. a “crisis.”

The current hysteria about Corona could just as easily have been manufactured in 2013 – a bad ordinary Corona (flu) year. 56,000 people died that year, from or because of the ordinary flu, according to the CDC. But it wasn’t a “crisis” because they didn’t create it.

Notwithstanding that “people died!” life went on as normal, then.

Not now....