Ben Garrison- Where Do You Draw the Line?

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Ben Garrison- Where Do You Draw the Line?

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Ben Garrison- Where Do You Draw the Line?
July 22, 2020

Where will You draw the line? Wearing an ineffective and downright harmful mask is now a daily event for most Americans.

by Ben Garrison

Bill Gates and his paid-for medical tyrants along with the globalist Illuminati got their way on this one. Mass compliance through fear is working for them. They are accustoming us to do what we're told while giving up our freedom. What do you think they've been discussing at all those Bilderberg meetings?

They own the mass media, which has drummed out a steady beat of fear for many months now. They don't tell us about their satanic pedophiles at the top. They don't tell us about the mass theft by the Fed that benefits only them--the global elite. They lie & exaggerate as they fan the flames of COVID-19 hysteria constantly--and they blame it all on Trump. Their planned scamdemic has succeeded just as Gates' supercomputer predicted it would. Things are going according to plan.

Isn't it strange how the top .001 percent--the unelected elite who own most of the world--now shut down businesses and run our lives over a medical issue. Our elected officials go along for the ride. Most governors and big-city mayors are puppets of the globalists.

Many of us have complained loudly about the masks. I made a scene at the local post office. All the sheeple there were complying dutifully. I shouldn't call them sheeple--they HAD to wear them if they wanted to carry out their postal business. I did not--my mail went back to the truck. They sported their face mufflers as they lined up next to signs that tersely ordered them worn. People obey 'authority,' and when the mass majority obeys, then everyone else complies.

The time for resistance is over. The mask pushers won. It reached critical mass. Anyone objecting is now seen as a nut job. I got treated like that at a grocery store. I was the ONLY one without a mask & the checkout clerk barked her orders at me to obey social distancing. I was a disease in her eyes. The globalists managed to divide and conquer humanity in a mere few months.

We'll see this pattern repeat itself with a mandatory vaccine. Will this be the final line in the sand? Will Americans finally grow a backbone and yell, "NO!" If they don't, we'll move onto Gates' next step: A worldwide digital ID. What comes with that? A cashless system. A social credit system. The Chicoms already has part of this plan in place. Gates, the central bankers, Silicon Valley, the socialists, and the big globalist corporations want to control every aspect of our lives. Their high-tech noose is around our necks. The time to start kicking is now--not after we drop.

We'll see their mark of the beast. No buying and selling until one is part of their demonic control grid. And, like communist China, there will be concentration camps. The Chicoms are rounding up millions of Chinese Muslims right now and forcing them onto trains....gulag bound.

Think that can't happen here? It will. All we have to do is keep complying.

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Re: Ben Garrison- Where Do You Draw the Line?

Post by Ursus »

I recall seeing that poli-cartoon on Pookie Toons. How very true of the sheeples' behaviour.

I will continue to do my best to avoid any facility/operation owned by the city of Edmonton, esp with mandatory sheeple coverings coming into effect Aug 1.
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Re: Ben Garrison- Where Do You Draw the Line?

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Edmonton Transit goes mandatory mask Aug 1st as well. I ride transit a lot. I always have one with me but haven't worn it a lot. The best social distancing transport method is a motorcycle. :)
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