Matt Taibbi's DNC Drinking Game

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Matt Taibbi's DNC Drinking Game

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Matt Taibbi wrote:Without further ado, drink EVERY TIME to:

“Post office,” or any variation thereof (i.e. “postal service” or “mailbox”).

“Soul of America.”

“History” or “Historic.” Drink only when uttered by a convention speaker.

“Existential threat.”

“This president.”

“Let me be clear.” Double shot if what comes after is not clear.

“Access,” as in “access to affordable health care” or “access to a good education.” You may drink twice if this comes in conjunction with an argument about “opportunity.”

“Systemic,” “systematic,” “structural,” “fundamental,” or “fundamentally.” Double-shot if the words are uttered by someone who has never voted for or supported a systemic reform.

Someone speaks positively of a Clinton (h/t to @percandidate).

“This is not who we are.”

“Above the law.”

(Something something) Mitch McConnell, (something something) is a human right.

“Trump is (rehearsed witticism).” Also, “golf.”



(Attempts to speak Spanish)


“Uncharted waters.” Drunk rum if you have it here, and yell “Aargh” like a pirate (h/t to @C00LDad77).

“Democracy itself.”


“Racist,” or “Black Lives.”


BONUS RULE: Drink every time someone blames Trump for coronavirus deaths. Make your own group judgment as to whether or not the blame is deserved.

WOKE MAD LIBS EXCEPTION: If an MSNBC commentator or a speaker uses any of the following terms, you may stop drinking for an hour to “reclaim” your sobriety: performative, white-adjacent, Latinx, decolonize, invisibilize, solidarity, interrogate, normalize, privilege (as a verb), dismantle, erase, lived experience, (anything)-splaining, heteronormative, habitus, cultural appropriation, essentialist, or trigger.

Genderfuck or melanated ends the game.
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Re: Matt Taibbi's DNC Drinking Game

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I would have a variation on this type of game and that maintains my sobriety and frankly would be a lot more fun. It involves a life-size democratic jack ass of the plush variety suspended on a wire. The rest is to the discretion of whoever is playing this side game. ;;)
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