There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, and a Dark Century

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There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, and a Dark Century

Post by Winston.J.S.Smith » ... k-century/

All political institutions are manifestations and materializations of power; they petrify and decay as soon as the living power of the people ceases to uphold them.”~ Hannah Arendt (1972). “Crises of the Republic: Lying in Politics; Civil Disobedience; On Violence; Thoughts on Politics and Revolution”, p.150, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

It is apparent that for a long time plans to achieve a global takeover of humanity have been in the works. To accomplish such a lofty goal, it was necessary that through fear, the psychological takeover of the minds of the public would be pursued. Once such a mass mind control effort could be brought about and sustained against the majority of people, the “Great Reset” plot could go forward without much restriction. That is where we are today, but the agenda for the future is to keep society in the dark not for one winter, but for eternity. The tool being used for this effort is called a deadly ‘virus pandemic,’ but in truth, it is simply astounding propaganda based on a lie, a lie that is totally dependent on a weak, ignorant, and compliant populace.

“Dark Winter” refers to a purposely-staged event propagated by “Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies, in collaboration with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Analytic Services Institute for Homeland Security, and the Oklahoma National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.” This was held as a senior-level simulation exercise meant to prepare the American population for planned coming events. Those events have been staged over the past 19 years, but are now actually being played out against all of us. This is no exercise, but reality. As I said in my May 18, 2020 article at Lew Rockwell titled “The Coronavirus ‘Dark Winter’ PSYOP: Question Everything and Do Not Comply With any Government Order:”

“The only real defense that is valid during this exercise in mass tyranny is total refusal to comply with any and all government mandates. We are in the midst of the largest psychological operation (PSYOP) in the history of mankind.”

“The newest term being targeted toward the masses is the coming of the “Dark Winter,” which is nothing more than propaganda based lies meant to prepare the sheep for a planned continuation and escalation of this fake pandemic in order to bring about world domination.”

It has been brutally obvious that this past winter brought much harm in the form of lockdowns, isolation, business closings, job loss, economic destruction, riots and property destruction, and medical martial law. That did not end however, after winter was over, as the political class under orders from their banking and corporate masters, continued on with many mandates, and claimed a second and even third phase would be evident soon. That should have opened the eyes of many to the lie about a ‘dark winter,’ because it was never meant to end. This winter will be but the beginning of continuous dark times, unless mass pushback and mass dissent are forthcoming. Once the American public accepts the plot for a ‘dark winter’ as legitimate, that darkness will be perpetual due to state propaganda and lies.

This is the most dangerous time in our history, as the state and its masters are close to being able to manipulate the people into believing that ‘normal’ is whatever the state claims is normal. Going back to normal ended months ago, and each and every day brings a new meaning to what we consider to be normal life. The people at large should control their own behavior and life choices, not a ruling class, but that notion has been turned upside down since the state ‘Covid’ conspiracy began. Resistance by whatever means necessary is essential if any normalcy is ever to be regained and continued. It could soon be too late to change this course we are on, at least by non- violent means. The longer this tyranny is allowed to expand in scope, the more difficult it will be to rectify.

There will be a ‘dark winter’ because the perpetrators of this fraudulent ‘virus pandemic’ have already made certain that this population has been sickened and weakened by these totalitarian lockdown and isolation measures and mandates. They have knowingly plotted to cause the destruction of the immune systems of the citizenry by their political actions. By forcing people to close their businesses, by ruling that economic activity was responsible for virus spread, thus eliminating millions upon millions of jobs, the stress and poverty created devastated this population, making them susceptible to sickness and death. Now, with another flu season upon us, many if not most of the people in this country are ripe for sickness and infection, and that purposely caused situation will be taken advantage of by the evil ruling and political classes in order to contain and control the entire country.

Once this advances to the next planned stage of this fraud, the ‘dark winter’ will become the dark spring, the dark summer, and then the dark fall; just in time for the next flu season. This is meant to be an ongoing operation, and will not end without great resistance by the people of this country. Never believe one word coming from the mouths of government or mainstream media, as those that control this country have no intention of ever allowing any normalcy again.

The so-called Covid vaccination that will be released very soon will be a deadly nail in the coffin of freedom, as body and mind changes due to any number of biological agents, messenger RNA, nanoparticles delivered through hydro gel injection, and poisonous man-made viruses and adjuvants, will have the ability to alter human

health and behavior. Avoid these vaccines at all cost, because in my opinion, these will be meant to solidify control of the general population.

There will be many scare tactics coming in order to get those currently balking at a vaccine to accept it willingly, possibly including the targeted release of bio-weapon grade viruses. Be aware that this could easily be part of the plot against mankind, and do everything in your power to resist and fight back against these government monsters.

Sources: Here, here, here, here, and here.

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Re: There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, and a Dark Century

Post by PeterODonnell »

One of two things has happened, no way of telling which it is ...

both have the same underlying theme ... COVID19 restrictions are happily laid down by elites since they reason that there will be benefits for the earth in its struggle against human-caused "catastrophic" climate change.

That in itself is worthy of debate and has been debated elsewhere on this and many other forums.

However, to get back to the point at hand here, elites are happy enough to push this over-reactive economic slowdown onto their surrounding society, because they think it will reduce carbon emissions faster than already planned (a rather sluggish plan since it exempts nations like China from the first phase at least if not longer).

So was it

(A) Elites conspired to produce the virus planning for it to have a large social and psychological impact sufficient to allow governments to shut down the economy, with public protest muted by self-interest (not catching the perceived deadly virus themselves)... or,

(B) Elites recognized quite early in 2020 that an opportunity had fallen into their hands and from that point on they made the most of that opportunity?

Answering this question determines whether this is a massive sustained treason or just a sort of casual more legally marginal treason.

But it is treason for two reasons -- a plan is being enforced that people probably would not endorse in free elections on that specific question, and, it aids and gives comfort to a hostile foreign power, or perhaps two or three acting in consort, while undermining our rights and prosperity on a large scale.

Personally I think it is probably (A), a conspiracy designed by elites working with their pals in Beijing (whom they admire) as far back as 2018 and 2019, and part of the motivation was to undermine the anti-globalist, containment-of-China administration of Donald Trump.

But it could just be (B) dumb luck for the new totalitarians who have skilfully blended the worst aspects of communism and fascism into a new tyranny, complete with one-party state and controlled media/academia/religion.

Yes Orwell was a bit fast in his timetable although I feel like we've been gradually descending into his nightmare vision since the television age began, and now it's far worse than ever before. True, this new tyranny is relatively gentle when compared with Soviet gulags or Nazi concentration camps. Those may be coming for dissidents if we don't just die conveniently before a critical mass of younger brainwashed people catch on to what we're saying.

Hard to read lips through masks though.

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Re: There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, and a Dark Century

Post by BDJohnston »

Deagel forcasting of a 5.33 billion reduction in population... Canada with a drop from 37 million to 26 million:

OK... is the drop due to people taking the vaccine or something else... where did Deagel get the information??? How and why did they project this???

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